Developing a Future Strategy and Designing the Statutory Plan

Future Strategy and Statutory Plan for Zhaoquanying Town in China


Zhaoquanying (ZQY) is one of four key towns in Shunyi District in Beijing. ZQY benefits from its excellent geographical location in the North of Beijing, near the international airport, easy access to the ring roads of the capital city and to the adjacent scenic mountains in the region. The rural population living at the moment in small villages around ZYQ is planned to be resettled to the town centre. Additionally, the old industry structure, land use, infrastructure etc. are outdated.

Development plan

According to the Zhaoquanying Overall Plan, launched in 2006 by the local government, ZQY will become a small liveable town with a local identity, sustainable industries and an efficient innovative agriculture. In its local economic development strategy ZQY aimed to focus on car industry in particular, on new cultural creative industries and on innovative urban agriculture. Finally, there is also an old Regulatory Plan, published in 2008, which shows that land use, infrastructure etc. needs to be updated. The old regulatory plan will be updated on base of this project.

Local situation in ZQY


Tasks and Objectives

In close cooperation with the personal responsible in ZQY (politicians, planners and companies etc.), IZES supports urban planner Prof. Kunzmann from the Technical University in Dortmund by developing a comprehensive strategy and a new plan for the future of ZQY.  IZES is responsible for planning municipal utilities facilities like water supply and reclaimed water, sewage and rainwater drainage, electricity supply, communication facilities, the fuel gas and heating system, environmental facilities as well as disaster prevention. Besides, IZES will create an urban design guidance for the town centre. Another partner is the Center for Land Research at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Trier University of Applied Sciences, which coordinates the project.




08/2017 to 06/2018