Geo-Ergo Paideia - Start-up farm: Skills for future eco-farmers

Current situtation

Nowadays worldwide 2.5 Billion people are occupied in agriculture with an average age of a farmer of 55. In Europe 1/3 of farmers are younger than 35 years. At the same employment in agriculture is reducing. For the agricultural sector it is important to introduce agriculture to young people and make it attractive for them. In many cases small-scale agriculture represents no career option" for young people. Especially in the Mediterranean region there is a high demand of labour in agriculture. Many school dropouts use this a a chance so earn money fast to support their families. However many skills and prefessional knowledge remain in this case inlearned and a high potential of agriculture and of participants is unexploited.


Project idea

The project idea focuses on the strengthening of a sustainable strategic partnership between European universities, research centres, municipalities and schools and on the establishment of the agricultural education concept and sustainable development of rural areas through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach.
This strategic partnership should fill the gap between school, higher education and labour market demand in the primary sector.
Here the main focus is to awaken interest in schools and to strengthen professional competences that allows for and simplify a further professional agricultural education.


Project objectives

  1. Offer of public internet-based courses in the fields of (organic) farming & start-up companies
  2. Integration of agroeconomy in a study plan
  3. Provision of training places for current and future (organic) farmers in innovative companies
  4. Enabling of own company start-up for students, parents etc.
  5. Support of students for development of sustainable projects in local farming
  6. Development of a network of students, stakeholder groups, companies and universities to support the innovation and sustainability of agriculture in rural areas
  7. Improvement of a transnational cooperation between students in Europe


Further information on the project is available from the project homepage.





  • University of the Aegean
  • Kyttaro Enallaktion
  • Anazitiseon Neaon Kean (KEAN)
  • Primaria Murfatlar
  • Gymnasio Gerakiou
  • Municipality of Evrotas
  • Scoala Gimnaziala Adrian v. Radulescu


Funding body:




09/2016 to 08/2018