The IZES gGmbH was founded in November 1999 as an institute associated to the University of Applied Sciences of Saarland (htw saar). It was created by the initiative of the Federal State Saarland, several energy companies and energy service providers, as well as the University of Saarland and the University of Applied Sciences of Saarland (htw saar). The IZES was initially operated as a registered association (ZES e.V.). After merging with the Energy Agency of Saarland (later AZES GmbH) in 2005, the IZES is now operating as a limited non-profit organization.

Next to its main shareholder, the State of Saarland, the Stadtwerke Saarbrücken Netz AG, the VSE AG, the STEAG New Energies GmbH, the Pfalzwerke AG, the Enovos Deutschland SE, the htw saar (University of Applied Sciences) and the University of Saarland have ownership shares in the IZES gGmbH.

The interdisciplinary team of research assistants consists inter alia in economists, industrial, mechanical, civil, environmental, agricultural and electrical engineers, foresters, political and social scientists, environmental lawyers, spatial and environmental planners, geographers, psychologists, computer scientists and chemists. It is also supported by diploma students, bachelor and master students, auxiiliaries and trainees coming from different study courses.

The company's object is the promotion of science and research as well as environmental protection, in particular by applied research and development in the field of sustainable energy and material flow systems. The approach of the IZES gGmbH is interdisciplinary and connects practice-related topics with scientific issues and approaches to thinking.


The IZES gGmbH is divided into 5 departements:

  • Energy Markets
  • Infrastructure and Municipal Development
  • Material Flow Management
  • Technical Innovations
  • Environmental Psycholoy


The IZES gGmbH handles regional, national and international projects, acting on behalf of and in close collaboration with local communities, authorities, ministries, institutions, national and European funding institutions, private enterprises as well as scientific institutions. In addition to the initiation and the scientific monitoring of cooperation projects in Germany and other European neighboring countries, the IZES gGmbH is also involved in scientific major proejcts with international orientation.

Technical facilities are available in the company's test and demonstration laboratories. On the one hand, these installations enable to undertake a selected range of analyses and quality checks; on the other hand, they allow the implementation of innovative technologies and process developments.