ARBOR - Accelerating Renewable Energies through Valorisation of Biogenic Organic Raw Material Improving sustainable biomass utilisation in North West Europe

ARBOR presents

Applied technological solutions and regional strategy development for improved sustainable biomass utilisation

ARBOR mission

To accelerate the sustainable development and use of biomass in North West Europe, to facilitate the achievements of the EU 2020 energy objectives and to realize a world-class utilisation of biomass

ARBOR aims

  • Foster transregional knowledge sharing to exploit the biomass potential of both the rural and the industrialised North West Europe regions

  • Reduce territorial disparities in regulations and policies hindering the development of a harmonised biomass based renewable energy policy

  • Reduce technological barriers to the development of an efficient value chain for the conversion and optimisation of biomass to energy and the subsequent recovery of residues from biomass conversion processes

  • Evaluate the sustainability and economic aspects of biomass conversion technologies

  • Boost local economies and contribute to the development of a green, low carbon economy in North West Europe

  • Inform local, regional and European stakeholders and raise public support through a range of communication tools and activities

ARBOR activities

  • A state of the art analysis of biomass for bioenergy initiatives and projects in North West Europe

  • Pilot and demonstration actions on the use of agro-industrial side streams for bioenergy, closed loop biomass valorisation by local authorties, industrial synergy parks, low-impact energy crops like short rotation coppice and biomass from marginal land

  • A market analysis of biomass equipment providers, manufactures and investors in North West Europe

  • An up-to-date inventory and technology watch on biomass conversion technologies and side stream valorisation options

  • An analysis of the political and legal framework conditions on bioenergy utilisation in North WestEurope

  • An environmental and economic assessment of the developed ARBOR bioenergy implementation schemes

  • A strategy development for ARBOR pilot regions

  • Information and dissemination activities to local, regional and European stakeholders

FOCUS Saarland

In close cooperation with the Entsorgungsverband Saar (EVS - Association for disposal in the Federal State of Saarland, Germany) and the Ministerium für Umwelt, Energie und Verkehr des Saarlandes (MUEV - Federal State Ministry for environment, energy and traffic of Saarland, Germany) the IZES gGmbH is developing three regional strategies for the utilisation of organic residues.
The strategies are developed unter consideration for the utilisation of ecologic, economic and legal-policy aspects. The local stakeholders and main decision makers of the pilot projects are involved in the strategy development for the implementation in the federal state Saarland. But the aim of this project is not just a strategy development for the federal state Saarland rather than to develop transferable strategies for the implementation in North West European project states. It should be possible that the developed strategies for the Federal State Saarland are also applicable for the partner countries of this consortium.

The three strategies to design for Saarland are as follows:

  • Development and accompaniment of implementation of a holistic strategy for a sustainable regional organic utilisation under consideration of climate protection effects, efficiency criteria, acceptability and aspects of a regional added value

  • Development and accompaniment of implementation of sustainable utilization model for the area "municipal greenery cuttings" and "landscaping conservation material out of extensive agriculture" at the best-practice example model region biosphere reserve Bliesgau (integrated land-use concept)

  • Development and accompaniment of implementation for a sustainable sewage sludge stratey under consideration of current solution scenarios including a defining of practical measures

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09.06.2015: ARBOR Final Conference, Brüssel - Abschlusskonferenz


    11.06.2012: 1st NFT Working Group Meeting Biosphere Bliesgau, townhall Mandelbachtal


    23./25.05.2012: 3. Steering Group Treffen im Rahmen der WiCaNem-Konferenz in Wageningen/Holland
          Exkursion zur größten Biogasanlage in Sparkenburg/Holland / Verwertung von Fischresten aus der Fischlebensmittelindustrie durch das Familienunternehmen A van de Groep (Evodos)

    14.03.2012: Auftrakttreffen der LCA Forschungsgruppe der IZES gGmbH und CRTE in Luxemburg

    13./14.10.2011: Project Steering Meeting & On-Site-Visits Saarland at IZES gGmbH


    09.06.2011: Kick-off - Meeting, im Rahmen der "7th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefinery in BRUGGE (RRB7)"




    • ARBOR-Video (mit Untertiteln): Short Rotation Coppice Case study Belgium / Kurzumtriebsflächen, Case Studies Belgien



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