Biomass potential Odesa

Estimation of biomass potential in Odesa oblast, Ukraine

..... biomass feedstock and technologies for energy production in Kylyysky and Shyryayvsky rayons



Project Backround

To foster bioenergy utilitsation in eastern Europe countries including Ukraine requires first of all an assessment of the regional available potential of biomass, their supply chains, actors and governance. The outcome of the assessment will help in the selection of priority bioenergy projects and identification of potential sites for their implementation. Acting like this, “lock in” investments can be diminished. Further project development targets projects which are sustainable from a material flow point of view. All the aspects of sustainability discussed recently in Europe such as ILUC, soil fertility, competition or cascading use are considered in the methods.

Therefore, GIZ decided to bring together IZES gGmbH as an international expert of bioenergy potential and Biomass Carbon as an national expert from Ukraine working together on the assessment of bioenergy potential.

                                                                                       Structure of primary agricultural residues potential in Odesa oblast, 2015, total of 469.27 ktoe


Overall goal and IZES gGmbH task

Overall project goal is an estimation of the bioenergy opportunities in two districts of the Odessa region in Ukraine. Output is the definition of Hot spots for further project plannings.

IZES gGmbH is adapting the methodology of bioenergy potential research under a special regard to ucrainian conditions and doing the review of the work.





Client:         Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Partner:      Biomass Carbon, Ucrania

09/2016 to 02/2017