Accelerating circular bio-based solutions integration in European rural areas



Backround information

Regional Bioeconomy is based on both, natural resources and urban mining resources. EU is willing to foster bioeconomy activities towards resource independency. In its bold commitment to actually bring a shift towards a circular Bioeconomy, this newly launched project is supporting innovators to introduce inclusive biobased solutions in rural Europe, in oder to raise awareness and increase value in these areas beside "big industrial solutions". Evaluating the current performance of the European rural Bioeconomy and comprehending the barriers affecting the adoption of innovation, rural areas should be enable to implement a new economy.


Project goal

The BioRural project is working to develop a transitional framework towards a sustainable, regenerative, inclusive and circular Bioeconomy across all Europe and to support innovators to introduce small-scale bio-based solutions in ural areas. BioRural is here to ensure and enhance the cooperation between several key players in the Bioeconomy chain; from farmers, fishermen, foresters, rural citizens, innovators, to wider groups such as the private sector, policy makers, local governments, NGOs, schools, universities and training centers.


Work flow


Succes and impact assessment


Project partner


Funded by the European Union


09/2022 to 08/2025