EnaTex - Sustainability & Climate Protection in the textile industry

German-Indonesian Partnership for Climate Protection - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in the Textile Production Chain


For Germany, Indonesia is an important partner in the textile supply chain and buyer of modern textile machines. With over 1.13 million employees, Indonesian textile industry ranks fifteenth on the list of the most important exporters of textile products worldwide. Production efficiency is to be increased by 2030, e.g. through energy efficiency (annual energy savings of 1% by 2025) and ecologically, socially and economically sustainable textile production is to be established. With regard to climate protection, Indonesia wants to reduce its GHG emissions by 26% from 2020 and almost double the share of renewable electricity to 23% by 2025.


Project Objectives

  • Objective 1: Investigation level process steps: Development & research of innovations and measures to ensure energy and resource efficieny
  • Objective 2: Investigation level process chain: Impact analysis of the innovations and measures on energy, the environment and social issues for examplary textile products
  • Objective 3: Examination level for the entire company: Impact analysis of the innovations and measures on energy, environment and social issues for the company as a whole
  • Objective 4: Examination level organization: Merging goals 1 -3 into change management and establishing reporting for sustainability / Corporate Social Responsiblilty (CSR)


Project Design

With reference to the objectives, technical innovations and measures are developed and optimized and evaluated with regard to energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. An assessment will be given on environmental, energy, social and economic criteria. The results flow into an package of measures that will be implemented by the target companies as a part of CSR. New business fields are openend for German textile machine manufacturers and as well as for indonesian suppliers of renewable energies. The consortium includes strong German and Indonesian scientific and economic project partners and actors in order to implement the innovative EnaText approaches in the sense of "lighthouse concepts".


Project Consortium




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08/2021 to 07/2024