Expert mission to the test and research laboratories in the Maghreb region, 01.- 25. Oct. 2011

Expert mission of Christian A. Schorn und Andreas E. Gisch to the test and research laboratories in the Maghreb region in behalf of the PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt), 01.- 25. Oct. 2011

The expert mission in behalf of the PTB took place from the 01. Oct. to the 25. Oct. 2011 and was coordinated from the working group Q.45 "Technical Cooperation in Africa and the middle East". Dipl.Ing. (FH) Christian A. Schorn and B.Sc. Andreas E. Gisch participated at this journey as technical experts and investigators.

The motivation for the mission was the investigation of the specific mational markets and stakeholders of the quality infrastructure for the solar thermal applications.
The current status of the quality infrastructure that are involved in the quality process habe been interviewed and further needs have been detected.
The conjunction between the stakeholders was evaluated and analyzed. The outlook to another technology like PV or solar Cooling was prospectively observed.

The journey took place in some of Maghreb states and ranged from Morocco, Algeria to Tunisia. In addition Egypt was visited because a certification scheme of solar thermal heaters for the Arabic region is nowadays planned from an organization in Cairo.

                                                                          Itinerary of the mission


                                      Visit at he ADEREE test facility in Morocco                          Visiting of CDER in Algiers                                Visiting of INSAT in Tunisia


10/2011 to 11/2011