Heat supply study St. Ingbert

Pre-Feasibility study to support the selection of funding programs and the preparation of funding applications with regard to the transformation of St. Ingbert's heat grid




The city of St. Ingbert expects the demand for heat in the urban area to double in the next five years. This increase in demand requires a conversion and expansion of the municipal heat supply against the backdrop of numerous regulatory framework conditions that place or will place high demands on the heat supply - especially with regard to the climate balance of the heat sources used.


Project Objectives

A pre-feasibility study will examine the question of what supply needs exist in the short, medium and long term, taking into account the current and expected legal framework. To this end, concrete supply scenarios based on renewable or comparable heat sources will be outlined and examined for their technical and economic feasibility. The aim of the study is to create a reliable decision-making basis for a detailed feasibility study based on this.

Project Design

In a first step, the current supply situation in a previously defined part of the urban area of St. Ingbert is recorded and transferred to a digital map format. In addition, the current subsidy programs in Germany are examined with regard to measures that can be applied in particular to the planned conversion and expansion of the St. Ingbert heat supply. Based on the results of the study, two possible implementation variants are outlined that are particularly suitable for a future heat supply for the city area under consideration. One focus is on the use of regional renewable energies and waste heat sources as well as the conversion or expansion of the urban heat grid. In addition to the avoidance of GHG and other emissions, further sustainability aspects such as regional value creation or land use competition are also taken into account. As a result of the work, a preferred variant for the future heat supply in St. Ingbert is available, which can be used as a basis for a subsequent implementation project.


     Stadtwerke St. Ingbert GmbH



11/2021 to 04/2022