Introductory technological programme for the take-up of stationary fuell cell

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) has commissioned IZES gGmbH to develop an introductory technological programme for the take-up of stationary fuel cells with an output of up to 5 kWel.

The use of highly efficient fuel cell heating systems for the combined production of heat and electricity makes a valuable contribution toward the achievement of the German government’s energy and climate protection targets and has a positive impact on the German economy. These significant benefits are offset by the continually high manufacturing costs of fuel cell heating systems, which continue to hurt their competitiveness at the present time.

The introductory technological programme developed by IZES is based on a fixed subsidy for end customers and creates effective incentives to purchase fuel cell heating systems with an output of up to 5 kW. The programme is due to start in 2016 and shall run for eight years. After the end of the programme, the subsidised devices shall be able to be offered on the market at competitive prices without the need to use a state subsidy.







08/2015 to 10/2015