MonDoWi - Module Monitoring, Documentation, Networking and Knowledge transfer

Accompanying Research - Energy transition of construction sector
Sub-project: participation, participation and broad impact as well as expansion of the monitoring guide

Project description

The accompanying research on energy transition of construction sector (EWB) is divided into fives modules.
The joint project MonDoWi works on modules I and V: monitoring, documentation, networking and knowledge transfer.
The aim is to further develop the EWB research network by networking activities, by making the results accessible and providing tools and assistance to make data from research projects available. The scientific goal is the development and analysis of innovative and adapted methods and their use for accompanying large research clusters.


The sub-project applied for includes the management of work packages 2 and 5 as well as participation in the other work packages (WP). The content of WP 2 is the technical support and further development of the research projects and the research network, the visualization of the projects and the creation of meta-studies. WP 5, on the other hand, focuses on the updating and further development of the monitoring guide and the related advisory services within the framework of the advice center unter WP 8.


Work packages

The project is divided into the following work packages:

  1. Project- und cluster management
  2. Technical support for the research projects and the research network EWB
  3. Communication offensive
  4. Concept for structuring the tool landscape
  5. Monitoring guide
  6. Conception of the expansion of the monitoring database
  7. Technical setup, programming, connection
  8. Establishment and operation of a counseling center for the use of cluster tools and dissemination


Project partners

IZES gGmbH is working on the project together with:

  • German Society for Solar Energy (DGS) - Regional association of Berlin (consortium leader)
  • Teaching and research laboratory for sustainable development (LaNE) at Bochum University


Funded by



10/2020 to 09/2024