NANOSTIR - Optimisation of solid biofuel operated Stirling CHCP units by means of nano technological coatings

Especially in the agricultural sector biomass is accumulated, which isn’t used in the most part of cases, the potential for the use of it is definitely given. Biomass can for example be used for the coupled production of electricity, heat and chilliness.
The project NANOSTIR presents a completely new, innovative and alternative CHCP unit (cogeneration of heat, chilliness and power). Ambition of the project is the combination of a biomass boiler, a Stirling engine and an absorption chiller in the low-performance band.

The components of the prototype are

  • Biomass boiler AWK45 of BIOKOMPAKT Heiztechnik GmbH with thermal performance of 45 kW
  • Stirling engine with electrical performance of 1 kW an thermal performance of 3 kW with heat absorption of about 5 kW
  • Absorption chiller of WEGRA Anlagenbau GmbH with chilliness-performance of about 15 kW

Biomass boiler, reference: BIOKOMPAKT GmbH          Stirling engine, reference: LFS Tulln         Absorption chiller, reference: WEGRA Anlagenbau GmbH

and they combine the following aspects:

  • Ecological sustainability by the use of biomass (ligneous an not ligneous biomass)
  • Production of electricity
  • Allocation of heat and chilliness
  • Higher autonomy compared to conventional energy supply


  Simultaneous NANOSTIR persecutes the optimisation of the integrated Stirling engine by nanotechnological coating of the primary heat exchanger. Currently all Stirling engines operated by wood logs, chips or pellets, etc. have the same problem:   more or less soiling and slagging of the primary heat exchanger of the Stirling engine, depending of the combustible. The consequences are increased maintain efforts and significant performance diminution. By use of nanotechnological      coating on the heat exchanger the slagging can be reduced considerable and durable.




 The biomass boiler is the central component of the prototype unit. The integration of the Stirling engine is effected vertically over the flame into the ash compartment of the biomass boiler. In the  past similar designed installations (Stirling engines powered by biomass) had more or less soiling and slagging at the primary heat exchanger. This problem can be avoided with the nanocoated  primary heat exchanger. The biomass boiler feeds the complete heat into a dimensioned thermal heat buffer: this storage handles the heat circuit or the absorption chiller.

Overview of the installed prototype unit, reference: IZES gGmbH

Beside the production of electricity, heat and chilliness NANOSTIR wants to contribute to a major application and demand of CHCP units in combination with Stirling engines, which have no relevant market share at the moment on the European marked. By enlargement of the user application little and middle company’s and proprietary’s of appropriate immovable’s, which have a all-season demand of heat and chilliness, shall become more attention on this new CHCP technology. Last but not least effectiveness of over 90 % and the increasing impendency compared to power supplier will contribute to a dissemination of the NANOSTIR CHCP technology.

Project progress:

  • 2008/2009: planning and research activities, especially concerning a appropriated nanocoating (progress)
  • 2010: construction, completion and launch of the prototype unit (progress)
  • 4. quarter 2010/2011: monitoring phase of the prototype unit



The CHCP plant has been built (Biomass boiler with integrated Stirling engine, absorption chiller and heat- and coolness storage) and integrated into the heat system of the professional school of agriculture Tulln (LFS). The absorption chiller offers coldness to a meeting room, a pc-training room and a food storage room. Consequently the school can use the NANOSTIR plant all-seasons to generate electricity, heat and coldness (depending of the season and the need) with biomass. During the 4th Quarter and 2011 a monitoring of the whole plant will be performed.

Project partners:

Kick-off - Meeting, 29./30. January 2008:

Symposium "Heat / Chilliness / Electricity - from one installation", 04. december

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European Commission, 6th Framework program Contract No. TREN/07/FP6EN/SO7.71550/038551

January 2008 - January 2011

>> Endbericht NANOSTIR (engl.)

01/2008 to 12/2011