Perséphone - Production d‘Energie RenouvelableS, Engrais et Produits Harmonieux d‘Origines NaturElles - Integration von Biogas in das Zukunftsfeld der Bioökonomie


Existing biogas plants in France, Germany, Luxemburg and Wallonia are at risk, as for many facilities the funding through national compensation schemes rans out, as e.g. German Renewable Energy Act (EEG). From today's perspective further use of existing biogas plants is no possibility, and new plants except for those in France are not profitable ans more. The regional biogas production is very important even nowadays. Here not only energy generation should be mentioned,but also
the usage of digestate as a organic fertilizer.
Moreover, there is a possibility to establish further new technologies on biogas plants
(algae production and others), as energy and raw materials for a bio-based industry
are present there.

Project idea

The project focuses on the positioning of biogas production in the framework of bioeconomy in the region. Basis for this should be existing agricultural farms with biogas plants. Due to the elimination of the existing compensation schemes there is a danger of disappearance of biogas plants from farms. The project investigates imcome opportunities of agricultural farms in the framework of bioeconomy, that beside energy production include also the production of fertilisers, basic materials for chemicals production (algae), and the fulfilment of ecosystem services, e.g. nature protection.



Project content

The project is divided into 5 content-related activities (plus project management and communication).
Activities 3 - 7 are structured as followed:

  • Activity 3: Diversification of biogas plants for biogas production through hydrogen and digestate production
  • Activity 4: Determining of new markets for algae production in the region
  • Activity 5: Fermentation residues and their components as a substitute for mineral fertilisers: Effect on soils and water quality
  • Activity 6: Indroduction of ecosystem services and improvement of water protection through biogas
  • Activity 7: Environmental effects and economic feasibility of activities 3 to 6 on biogas sector

The IZES gGmbH is responsible for the actions 6 and 7.


Funding bodies




Project partners




07/2016 to 06/2019