Security of supply on the path to reaching 60% share of renewables in electricity consumption: a stakeholder-focused analysis

This project examined the extent to which the generation of electricity, particularly from variable renewable energy (VRE) sources, makes it necessary to adapt the electricity system in order to ensure a high security of supply. Unlike previous studies which have primarily taken a (wholesale) market-based approach, in the scope of this project, the impact upon the securtity of supply of the energy policy opbectives of using a high proportion of (variable) renewables as well as highly-efficient CHP have been tracked within the context of a stakeholder-related approach.

The focus of the project has been to analyse the respective players in the electricity system and their contribution to the security of supply. This shall deal with the question of where the respective areas of responsibility and their respective limits lie as well as the question of the measures which the individual stakeholders can, should or need to take in order to continuosly ensure a secure supply.




07/2015 to 02/2016