TRANSBIO - Transfer working group for bioenergy systems in the future energy systems


In numerous FNR-funded research projects, questions about the development of the existing bioenergy systems within the electricity sector for the post-EEG area, were addressed and various evaluation approaches for future bioenergy business areas were examined. The results achieved and recommendations for action are very complex in terms of their detailed statements and also very heterogeneous in terms of the primary data and methods used. Basically, it can be seen that there are no simple solutions for a economic feasible operation of existing bioenergy plants as the issues are very plant-specific. The current legal and economic framework conditions are very ambitious for the majority of these plants. With a systematic classification of bioenergy in the interplay of renewable energies, an overall picture of the energy transition can be drawn.

Project Objective

The project TRANSBIO aims to bundle the central results and findings of several and relevant national and EU-studies with focus on post-EEG bioenergy plant operation. This studies shall be completed by now and shall refer legal national framework, for example, the remuneration mechanisms or similar instruments. The TRANSBIO project will harmonize the studies, make them understandable respective the target groups. With this project, operators of bioenergy plants should be enabled to make decisions about the possible continued operation after EEG-funding period. The results will continue to be communicated to a broad, energy-related environment, taking into account intersectoral issues.

Project Design

The project is arranged in the following 6 work packages:

  • WP 1: Project management
  • WP 2: Design of participation process
  • WP 3: Data consolidation and comparison of methods
  • WP 4: Market and risk assessments, brokerage and system effects
  • WP 5: Post-EEG framework and knowledge transfer
  • WP 6: Multimedia information transfer

The overall coordinator of the joint project is the German Biomass Research Centre non-profit GmbH (DBFZ). The DBFZ accompanies the project working group and processes the content of the data and method evaluation. The IER (Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use, University of Stuttgart) works on risk and market assessment as well as the modelling of the various bioenergy business areas. The Board of Trusts for Technology and Construction in Agriculture e.V. (KTBL) is primarily responsible for the web-based communication of the project results. IZES gGmbH (i) leads the sub-project B "Post EEG Theses and Communication" and (ii) coordinates the "DialogForum" and the knowledge transfer to the bioenergy industry. Acting like this, IZES gGmbH evaluates the findings and result of the selected Post-EEG studies.


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05/2021 to 10/2023