WaterProof - urban waste and water treatment emission reduction by utilizing CO2 for the production of formate derived chemicals

The research project WaterProof aims to close the waste(water) carbon loop by converting CO2 from wastewater and waste incineration to formic acid to make valuable green consumer-products (cleaning products, leather and metal recovery agents). The targeted result is a technology which reduces GHG emissions through CO2 utilization, replacement of fossil feedstock and industrial electrification.

In the WaterProof-project, a plant at TRL 6 will be constructed. The conversion of CO2 from wastewater treatment and CO2 capture from waste incineration will be demonstrated in two consecutive campaigns. To maximize the impact of the WaterProof technology, life-cycle assessments and a business case analysis are initiated in the early stage of the project. Also, a marketing and deployment strategy will be developed to increase social acceptance of the WaterProof technology. WaterProof will create awareness through the interaction with policy makers and civil society. By targeting an industry as essential as waste(water) treatment, WaterProof aims to create a concept that can impact society and climate on a big scale.

The main task of IZES is to increase the understanding about the social perception and acceptance of the WaterProof technology by the different stakeholders and to establish a stakeholder engagement process to strengthen the urban-industrial symbiosis.


Project Partners

  • Avantium Chemicals B.V. (NL)
  • Fundacion para el desarrollo y la innovacion tecnologica (ES)
  • Fundacion tecnalia research & innovation (ES)
  • Stichting Waternet (NL)
  • Ecover co-ordination center (BE)
  • Nova-Institut für politische und ökologische Innovation GmbH (DE)
  • Nordic fish leasther EHF (IS)
  • IZES gGmbH
  • Frames Renewable Energy Solutions B.V. (NL)
  • Coatema coating machinery GmbH (DE)
  • NH HVC (NL)
  • Corporacion Centro de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Antioquia (CO)


Funding body

The WaterProof project receives funding from the European Union under the framework or the Horizon European research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101058578.


06/2022 to 05/2026